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Basically I want to use HLDJ with Reborn. So I tried to select Reborn folder in the HLDJ - can't do it. I coppy-pasted gaminfo.txt file from some other Reborn folder and selected the folder. Now I need to launch the game through the HLDJ start button but when I select x64 Reborn Dota and try to launch it HLDJ launches Source 1 Dota. It's because the gameinfo file contains wrong data and I'm not sure what should I edit to make it launch the Reborn client. Help please. 16 фев 2013 Девочка что озвучивает Инструкция в картинках, и сайт звуков тут. I want to drop some fat beats in DotA, but I have no clue if it's even possible to do in DotA. Anyone В лицензионной версии игры она находится в папке steam\steamapps\ \ common \dota 2 и папка \dota после выбора кнопка ОК должна стать доступной. So I want to play Dota Reborn (It's the same game but vis new Source 2 engine) and use HLDJ but I can't select its folder in the settings becuase "Ok" button is not available even though the exe file is in the folder. What does HLDJ need to recognise a game in a folder? How do I fix it? EDIT: So I managed to make HLDJ recognise reborn folder by copy-pasting gaminfo.txt file from Source 1 Dota but I can't launch the game most certainly beacuse the gameinfo file contains data for Source 1 applica. 18 окт 2015 Кирилл, у меня получилось)) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg\ мой путь к доте ))) путь. Is there any way I can get HLDJ to work on source 2, any files I might be able to copy/paste. 2 янв 2013 У меня даже если hldj не включен в кс все ровно он пашет!!!Что делать! Карочи я все заебись настроил hldj для доты 2 клавишу. Hey, I’ve been using HLDJ for a while now and can safely say its a brilliant program. From uniting Eastern Europeans on Dota with some classic tunes they all know to playing “My Way” whilst clutching on CSGO, its become half the reason I play the game :D The point is , and I’ve looked on the interwebs for a while now, there hasn’t been an update on the HLDJ forums for 3 years and nor have there been many updates to the program. Games I love to use HLDJ with are being updated to Source. Группа людей кто использует программу HLDJ. Dota 2, Garry's Mod, Team Fortrees 2, и еще куча игр после 2010 года не поддерживаются, и эта. Hey there ! I used to love using stupid sounds to answer people or just randomly react to something in game when I played Sven-Coop, back in the day, with HLDJ. But then développement of HLDJ got abandoned and I slowly forgot about it. until recently when someone on Dota just made me and my friend cry of laughter with MLG sounds and all using Exp Soundboard. I looked it up, it's really not as practical as HLDJ and very limited because you need a hotkey for every sound (and I had approximately. Проблема с HLDJ. 2 мая в 15:16 Взлом админки css: #1 Соединение 2 серверов СОЕДИНЕНИЕ #13 WoT vs DOTA2 (серия 2, в честь моего ДР). As requested by /u/HodatBest Super shit guide on how to create soundboard in dota Disclaimer: Is this the most optimal way to make a soundboard? Probably not. Also only windows i think. Recording - First of all, download the free audio editing software from Install that shit. - IMPORTANT : In the notification area of the taskbar, right click your volume control and then press "Recording Devices". Set the Stereo Mix recording device as your defaul. 24 окт 2016 . Как рисовать на миникарте в Dota 2 ツ. . Dota MiniMap Painter (MMP). By STARK. Как рисовать на миникарте в Dota 2 Guide I finally got HLDJ working for dota and I'm just curious, what songs are there that fit well with the game? I don't mean actual songs I mean like "Tobiwan is metal" and "They're all dead". I already have both of those. 20 янв 2018 . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__LCybDSWBpFudZgQPav-g?view_as= subscriber. Спасибо что воспользовался моим гайдом. 14 апр 2019 Раньше я пользовался HLDJ, который был специально сделан для игр на движке Source, но часто он подводил меня и пришлось искать. 18 авг 2017 . 2) Заходим по данной ссылке и вводим команду по одной. Обязательно . Как узнать убьет ли ульта вражеского героя или нет